The Storefront is the home of your business with Aryeo and makes it easy for your customers to place orders with your business online.

Start by heading to the Storefront tab which has been recently designed for ease of use and navigation. Inside the all new Storefront the features and settings have been grouped under three convenient sections. See the section details outlined below.

Sales Channels

This section represents the different ways you can offer your products, collect orders, and schedule appointments through Aryeo. Order Form settings and the Website Embed code can both be found in the Sales Channels.

Order Forms

Open the Order Forms section at the top of the Storefront page. Here, you can create a new Order Form, edit an existing form, or view the existing order form.

Click "Create New Order Form" or "Edit Order Form" to open the Order Form Details page. The order form can be placed on your website in multiple ways to receive new orders from clients. Here, you can open the Live Editor (which we will get to in a moment) or View the form as it is now.


Products are the services your business offers to clients. Here is where you can create Main Products and Add-ons which will be displayed on your order form(s). Products can be categorized allowing them to be displayed on different order forms. The Taxes option allows you to update your groups tax settings (state, county, and/or custom) applied for all new orders. Additionally, the Fees section will allow you to create different fees that will be added when servicing orders.


This section is where you can configure your teams calendars, set scheduling availability, and create geo-based territories for the area your business services. The section is where you update the group calendar and set individual team members calendar settings and availability to sync new appointments. The territories section allows you to draw a map of the area each group and/or user services and assign them to that territory. The Availability section allows you to set business hours of operation for the group. Each team member can set their "home base" powering their territory assignment, update their scheduling settings, and set personal hours if desired.

Availability Settings

The Availability Settings in this section will allow you to enable territory support, choose how to present available appointment times to customers, set appointment slot durations, and select whether you'd like to confirm your customers appointments, or allow them to book in real time.

Please note: if you do not have your schedule set up, or if someone orders an unfulfillable combination of products, they will be shown a form requiring your manual confirmation of the appointment.

Territories Support

When territory awareness in enabled, Aryeo will check if the address provided for an order is within your group's eligible territories. Only products provided by users part of an overlapping territory will be offered, and only those users can be assigned to an appointment.

Update your group's territories here.

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