Often times brokerages or agents will have administrative team members who need access to other agent' (or team members) images or media, orders, or appointment information who also belong to that group.

We’ve made it easy to invite team members like this to join your group and switch between the other agents within a brokerage to access their team members listing information as needed. Check out this quick video or read more below.

Inviting Team Members to Join Your Group

First, let’s review how to invite a team member to your group. Start by opening the Team page from the left navigation menu.

Here you will see a list of all the team members who have been invited to join your group. By default, you will see your name here at minimum.

To add a team member to your group, select the “Add Team Member” button at the top right of the page.

Add the members information like first and last name, email, phone number and select the Add team member button at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry if you don’t have their profile photo for an avatar - it’s not required and they can upload it on their own later if they wish to!

Back on the Team Members page, you will be able to review the activation status of your team members invitation and/or resend it here if needed.

Switching Between Different Groups

Once the team member joins your group, and also belongs to other agents groups within the brokerage, they will have the option to use the Group Switcher to switch back and forth between each agent's account with their respective listings to view and access media, orders, and appointments.

The Group Switcher is Located at the Top Left of the dashboard within the header. Click the name at the top and you will be presented with a list of other groups (agents) that you can switch into to access their materials.

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