It's important to ensure your teams contact information is accurate. As the listing agent on a property that your photographer has shared with you, your information can/will be visible on things like Property Websites and other marketing materials.

Company Details

Review your teams account details here, by going to Settings > Group Details. Within the Team Information section, you can update your general team information which will be used as branding and displayed contact information across the system.

On this page, the following information fields can be updated for your team:

  • Team Name: Group or Team Name

  • Website: Brokerage or Personal Website

  • Email: Contact email for your group

  • Phone Number: Group phone number

  • Timezone: This is your team's default timezone. Each user on your team also has their own setting for their timezone.

  • License Number: Input your state real estate license number

Brokerage Information

Update your brokerage, used for branding purposes on property websites and other marketing materials.

Team Branding

Below Brokerage Information, you can update your teams branding logo. Drag and drop the logo or upload it directly from a file on your desktop.

Team Members

If you have an assistant, admin or other members of your team you are able to invite them to join your group from the Team settings Page here. Select the purple add team member button to invite a team member to join your group. They will immediately get an email to create an Aryeo account upon creating their account and sending the invitation.


Now that you have your team members added to your account, head over to the Notifications page to customize notification templates and configure which users are added to notifications. On this page you are able to decide which team members receive notifications when new listing media is shared, an order is placed, when an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, postponed, or when an appointment is canceled.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]. Thanks!

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