Notification settings put you in total control over who receives which notifications on your team. Aryeo has a number of automated emails that get sent when certain activities or actions are completed in Aryeo. You are able to customize these notification templates and configure which users are added to notifications.

Start by opening Settings from the left Navigation menu and then select the Notifications option. The Notification settings are segmented by Customer Notifications at the top and Team Notifications below.

Clicking edit on a notification will allow you to preview the notification information and customize the email template if desired. Email templates can be customized for listing deliveries, order confirmations, and appointment confirmations!

Every email notification template will have a list of available variables that can be used in the email body. Click the dropdown to show the list of variables and copy and paste the variable you wish to include into the message body. Don't forget to update the template changes before navigating away from the page.

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