It can be more labor intensive and overall difficult to deal with short term rental clients, especially because often times these are private owners and not realtors becoming one off clients with very specific needs that could end up costing more time and effort to fulfill the order.

To provide short term rental clients with a tailored menu with different pricing, we recommend creating two separate order forms and linking each URL within a button on the homepage of your business website to direct clients to the correct form for a customized ordering experience. See an example below.

To accomplish this for your business, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new product category for airbnb / vacation - Learn more about Product Categories

  2. Create a new order form for airbnb / vacation properties in the Order Forms section in your account

  3. Open the Order Form Designer and expand Step 2: Services. Select the Product Category for airbnb / vacation and save. See Demo

  4. Create your airbnb / vacation products and assign them to the airbnb / vacation Product Category

  5. Add the new Order Form URL to your website to allow clients to easily select the appropriate order form their media needs.

Please contact our support team if you need help or have further questions!

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