You and your team have the ability to add internal notes in Aryeo on both agents and orders. These notes are private to your team, allowing better collaboration and shared information regarding a customer or for an upcoming appointment or order.

These notes are viewable in a few locations throughout the system:

  • Within the order edit page

  • Within the customer edit page

  • Within the listing edit page

To add a note to an order, under storefront, select Orders. Then, open up the order which you would like to add a note to. You will see a section called "Add Internal Notes (private)", if you click on that you will be able to add internal not that is only visible to you and your team.

To add a note to a customer, start by opening the customer center and opening the profile for the customer which you would like to add a note on.

If you scroll down you will see the section "Internal Customer Note". You can type any note in here and press save. Only you and your team will be able to see the note.

We hope this feature makes internal communication for your team more seamless !

Pro Tip: You can tell if a team member added a note to a customer or order in the listing page. A purple text box will appear to signal that there is a note attached. (Check out the image below to see!)

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