Adding a company domain will allow you to whitelabel the URLs of all of your property websites. To do this, you'll need an existing domain. Your company's current domain is usually perfect!

Custom Company Domains are available on Tier 2 and above Aryeo subscription plans and is a white label service we support for property websites. To create a custom company domain on Aryeo, start by opening Settings > Domains. If this is your first time adding a domain, select the "Add your first domain" option to get started.

Next, you'll need to add a "subdomain" that can be connected to Aryeo. This goes in front of your normal domain - "listings" is one of the most popular, and will give you a combined URL like Once you decide on the subdomain you'd like, add it along with your main domain on this page.

Then, you'll need to set up a CNAME record for this subdomain. Check out our full tutorial here to get started.

Once you've added your Subdomain and company domain information, you will see that the domain status has been updated to "Awaiting DNS Check" as we wait for the DNS records to point to Aryeo. Please ensure that you have added a CNAME record to your DNS Provider pointing to (insert your subdomain and company domain). Click the info icon to learn more about this status.

Note: this process can take up to an hour once you've made the changes on your side.

After an hour or so, come back to Domains and confirm that the DNS check has been completed successfully. You will see that the domain status has been updated to "Awaiting Status Check" as we wait for the domain to resolve to our servers. Click the info icon to learn more about this status. Note: this can usually take between 5 - 10 minutes.

After setting up the CNAME record, you'll be all set! Our system will check to ensure everything is setup correctly and change the domain status to "Active" indicating the domain has been setup correctly and is ready for use.

Be sure to set your domain as the default domain for your account and save. Once confirmed, the domain will be activated and your property websites will start using your custom domain!

Adding a Domain

In this next section, we will walk through how to add a domain to your Aryeo account so your tours appear as

We know there are a handful of possible hosting sites for your domain, so we’ve linked several hosting platform specific articles below:

Once you have completed whichever process above is relevant for your domain, contact [email protected] to notify us that you have completed the process and we will activate the domain in your account!

If you need additional assistance, reach out to us at [email protected] and a team member will reach out to help.

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