You can add domains that you purchased on outside domain providers directly to a property website on Aryeo! In order to activate the domain, you must complete the following DNS updates.

Required DNS Updates

1. Add a new CNAME record to that domain in your DNS host settings:

  • Host: www

  • Value:

2. Add a second CNAME record to that domain [Skip if using GoDaddy]:

  • Host: @

  • Value:

3. Only for GoDaddy Users

You must set up a redirect method on your domain. Scroll down in your DNS settings and find the “Forwarding” section. You will create a new forwarding setting that is “Permanent”. You will forward it to your same domain, but include the “www” beforehand. For example, if your domain was, then add forwarding for

Your result should look like this:

4. Once those DNS settings are in place, please reach out to Aryeo support! We will finish the set up and activate your domain to your property website! Domains purchased directly through Aryeo are automatically generated and ready within minutes.

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