With Appointment Reminders, you no longer have to spend time manually following up with your clients to ensure they show up and are prepared for the appointment. You can automate email (and soon text) reminders to send to clients before an event.

In Availability > Appointment Settings there will be a new section or Reminders under the Rescheduling and Cancelation settings that were already located here.

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You can see there are two toggles in the section. One option is for sending reminders to your customers, and the other option is for sending reminders to your team members. When enabled, you can set the number of hours before the appointment starts that you want this reminder to be sent out.

There are also new Appointment Reminder email templates available in the Notifications Center for that you can preview and edit as desired for both your customers and your team.

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Each template simply reads "This is an automated message reminder you of your schedule appointment for Order #X" with supporting appointment and order details like you would normally see with an appointment scheduled email.


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Reminders help you stay in contact with clients and ensure they are prepared for upcoming appointments. Showing up to an appointment that the Realtor wasn't prepared for or who didn't show up to let you in is unproductive and a waste of everyones time. Your appointments matter - reminders help ensure they're productive!

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