Twilight settings give you even more control over your calendar. You may edit any current product and make it a Twilight specific product. You will need to first create the product, add in who the service providers are, and toggle on the Twilight switch:

If you select Twilight, customers will only be able to view one timeslot for that appointment. The appointment will be X minutes before sunset in your city, where X is the duration minutes of this product. If you'd like customers to schedule a separate twilight only appointment, please check Separate Booking, otherwise the entire appointment will be scheduled prior to sunset.

We've just launched a new update that will allow you to choose which days of the week you would like to perform Twilight appointments on. This can be set at either a group, or personal team member level here: (scroll down to the bottom)

The system will still check if you're available based on your calendar events, so even if you choose to support Twilight Appointments on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we'll still make sure you aren't being double booked.

Watch a full overview below:

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