We are beyond excited to introduce customer portals to Aryeo!

Client Portals will be branded to each photographer, and provide a place for all of your agents to login to, register, and even place new orders from!

Inside your customer portal agent will only see listings, orders, and appointments that they have with your business. Drive more sales and increase revenue by setting up your own branded client portals!

Customize Appearance

To customize your client portal settings, look for the new Client Portals option on the left menu under the Sales category and open the page. Start by customizing the appearance & branding on your portal page. Here you can update the accent color used for buttons and styling, update your logo, and add a custom portal cover image.

Now, your customer portal is live and ready! Share the links with current and new customers to provide an easy way for them to access your portal.

Adding buttons to the following links on your business' website can be a great way to drive further agent engagement and new order volume.

Portal Login Link

Current customers already added in your Aryeo customer center can log in with this link. What about customers that are already logged in? No problem, they can still use this link. When visiting this link in their browser, they'll be automatically redirected into your portal without needing to sign in again!

Portal Register Link

New customers are able to sign up and place an order using your default order form directly within your portal!

Increase revenue by making it easier than ever for your clients to book more shoots with you. They can view past content they have with your business and order more content all while never leaving the page.

Your clients will still be powered with all of the features that they have always had inside the Aryeo platform. Bringing even more value to your clients, all while branded to your business.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to our support team!

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