Obviously, having a great name, logo, and brand is essential to every creative business. However, branding isn’t just about your visual identity—it’s about how your brand fits neatly into the clients’ experience. From the very first moment they hear about you, right through to your first face-to-face meeting, your brand should be consistent and ever-present.

​Adding your company branding in Aryeo creates a personal environment unique to your brand for you, and your customers. Personalizing your Aryeo account can also help to:

  • Create and strengthen trust and loyalty with your ideal clients.

  • Leverage your brand’s advantage to set yourself apart from others in the market—no more blending in!

  • Increase your online visibility making it easier for new clients to find you.

To personalize your account, start by opening the Account Settings and select Group Details to add your business information.

Here, you can add your company's brand information like Company Name, Website, Email, Phone Number, Timezone, Logo and Accent Colors!

Once your company branding has been added, select Update Company Profile to save!

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