Previously, to support multiple order forms for different use cases, you'd need to manually share each link separately with your customers or embed each order form separately on your business' website. And within Aryeo, you could only set a single default order form to display within customer portals.

The order landing page solves these problems by displaying one or multiple order forms for your customers. Just set an order form to be publicly visible, and the order landing page will begin displaying it.

For example, If your business has an Airbnb / Vacation Rental order form and a general Real Estate order form, each can now be set to Public and will be presented to clients in the portal when they go to place a new order with your business.

Viewing the Order Landing Page

The order landing page is the new link to share with your customers! At the top of the Order Forms page, you will be able to preview the order page, copy the url, or locate the embed code to add the order form to your business's website. You can also set the order page background color which will be used as the background color on your order landing page within the Customer Portal.

Preview Order Landing Page

Click the View Order Page button to preview the new order landing page. Here's an example of the landing page featuring multiple public order forms from our demo account.

Multiple Order Forms

As you already know, multiple order forms can be created within your account and can be used in a number of different ways. Order forms are now presented in this basic table that surfaces the most relevant settings in a simple view. You can see the type of order form (Aryeo Form or External Form), and whether it’s public or private. This is a new setting you’ll find on order forms.

Public order forms will be accessible to all customers via your order page. If you'd like to make this order form accessible to only a specific customer, mark it as Private and share the URL with your customer directly.

From our example above, we can see that both the Airbnb and the MLS order forms are set to Public and the Commercial order form is set to Private.

Visibility Settings

To change the visibility of your order form, select “Edit” on the order form you wish to update and scroll down to the Visibility Settings section. This is where you can specify if you'd like this order form to be visible to everyone or only those you have provided the URL to.


Categories have been brought to the forefront of the Order Settings (instead of inside of order form designer). Categories allow you to limit the products available on this order form by selecting a category. If no categories are selected, ALL products will be available.

Client Portal Order Form Landing Page

If you have multiple Public Order Forms, placing new orders with your business just got easier than ever! In the portal, customers will have a single landing page where they can see the different order forms that you have marked as public, select one, and then will be taken directly into that booking flow.

Try it out in your Customer Portal Demo account to see it in action for yourself!

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