Custom property listing domains are a great way for agents to market their properties and get more exposure. Now, under the Property Websites section heading, you'll find a button for Domains. Clicking this button, you're able to add any domain you'd like for a listing. We make a suggestion based on the listing's address, but you're always able to change this.

Once purchased, we'll automatically set that domain as the listing default in a matter of minutes — no need to manually update any messy domain DNS settings or CNAME records on your end.

Domain Profit Margins

While the Domains button is available in both creator and agent accounts, we know that sometimes custom listing domains can be a great add on feature to generate additional revenue for your business. To support this, you can also set a profit margin for domains purchased by agents in their accounts. This is the amount of profit that you will earn on the domains they purchase for the listings you've delivered to them. Aryeo automatically adds this margin on top of the domain cost (typically $15), and that profit will be deposited directly into your account as credits.

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