In the Aryeo Property Website Builder, you are able to edit the appearance of your property website. This guide will walk you through how to place a video as the first piece of content shown.

First, head to your listing page for your property and press the Editor button on the Property Websites tab.

To place the video first, find the Videos tab in the sidebar. By pressing the icon to the left of the text, drag and drop the section directly below the Header/Navigation option.

Your video will now appear first on your property website, but there are a few notable changes to the video's formatting that can be added. Head to the Videos tab to view the different settings related to videos.

By deleting the Title from the title bar and selecting Full-width as your size, your video will appear as the following:

Ensure that you press the save button underneath to see the effects of your changes.

As always, there are many ways to design and format your property websites, so we recommend spending a little time seeing which formatting settings appeal most to you.

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