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Adding Music to a Property Website
Adding Music to a Property Website

Learn how to add music to a property website

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Adding music to your property website is easy! First, enter the listing page for your property and scroll down to Property Websites. Click the purple Editor button.

Once the Editor is open, scroll down the sections menu on the left hand side until you see the Music section.

After opening the Music section, select your music choice from the drop down menu and press Save.

Music will loop on the page by default, no settings updates required!

We've recently added the ability to upload whatever music you'd like!

To upload a customer song, select "Custom" and choose the song you'd like Once selected, just add your music file.

Click save, and you're all set! As usual, you'll now find a music icon in the lower right hand corner of the property website, allowing toggling of the music on and off. Happy listening! ๐ŸŽถ

Contact [email protected] if you need help adding music to your property website!

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