Save your favorite property website preferences in your Aryeo Account Settings so you don't have to recreate each time a new listing is created. Follow these simple steps to save your website preferences.

Start by opening the Settings tab on your sidebar. Click the Property Websites icon.

Here's a list of preferences that can be set for your Property Website Theme:

  • Website Theme

  • Hero Preferences (Image or Slideshow)

  • Image Gallery Type

  • Music

  • SEO Title Default Value (for social media posts!)

  • Website button for agents

  • Disclaimer Statement

  • Branding color and font preferences

You will maintain the ability to make changes to your website in the Property Website Builder as this action will only change how the website populates when you create it.

We recommend trying out different design settings in the property website builder first before changing your template settings so that your display will appear exactly how you would like it.

If you have any other modifications to your website that you would like to see added, we're tracking requests here - Please add your comments there. We are always happy to hear your feedback!

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