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Opening a Zip File on Windows
Opening a Zip File on Windows

Get access to your content from a Windows device

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Once you have visited the Download Center for your property, your files will be downloaded to your computer in a Zip file. If you use a Windows operating system, follow these simple steps to get access to your files.

After you have pressed download for the content you want, open your File Explorer. Locate the Zip folder labeled with the property address.

To unzip the whole folder, right-click and press Extract All, then follow the directions given by your computer.

To unzip a single file, double click to open the zipped folder. Drag the item to a new location on your computer.
​If you happen to use a Mac computer, please follow these steps below:
When choosing to download a zip file the file will start to load at the bottom of the page - from there you may click on it to open it up in. your downloads.

You will then have sub-folder to review all images, files, websites and any other content that was downloaded. From there you may drag the file to your Photos app or to a secondary holding place such as a disc, USB, etc.

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