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Learn how to share videos from Aryeo to Facebook

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Did you know Facebook videos earn the highest engagement of any other type of content on Facebook? Video marketing for real estate can help you stand out from other realtors, make connections with potential home sellers and buyers, and ultimately sell more properties.

In this article we'll review how to use the Videos from Aryeo listings on Facebook. But before we begin, let's review some important information about the different video formats types that are available to use.

Video links will perform differently on Facebook than uploading a native video (mp4 or .mov). Both are acceptable formats, but the native video will give the viewer a better experience. Here's a bit more context.

Native video is video content that is uploaded directly to (or created on) a social network and played in-feed on that platform. For example, on Facebook, a native video would be a video that is uploaded directly to Facebook. When uploading or creating a video directly on Facebook it will automatically play in the viewers feed. This is the best viewing experience for Facebook.

Here's an example:

Adding a link shared from Youtube or Vimeo is another way to promote your video on Facebook. This can be achieved by copying and pasting a video link into a new Facebook post. A link that has been shared will show a play button, but when clicked the user will be redirected to a different page.

See example below:

The beauty of native video is that it doesn’t interrupt the user experience with unnecessary extra clicks or new windows, meaning the content is something viewers are more likely to engage with rather than an annoying distraction in their news feed.

Now that video formats have been covered, let's get started!

Step 1

Locate and open the listing in Aryeo where the video is located. Once the listing is open, select Download at the top right side of the page. A pop-up message will appear with options to download the available content or to visit the Download Center. Choose the Download Center option and then select Videos at the top of the page. Click the Download Videos button and your download will begin.

Step 2

The content will be downloaded to your computer as a zip file into whatever folder your online downloads are set to. To access the content, unzip the file, and open the folder created. In the example below, you'll notice two different file types which will tell what type of video format your photographer delivered to you.

The video example on the left is an .mp4 file and can be uploaded directly to Facebook for the best view experience. The video example on the right is a video link that was uploaded from Vimeo or YouTube. This option cannot be uploaded directly to Facebook but you can copy and paste the link from the download center into a new Facebook post to share the video.

Step 3

Open Facebook and Create a New Post. Upload the file or paste the link in the new post, add a description and share!

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