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Learn how to import a customer list to the Aryeo Customer Center

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Do you have a list of customers in an excel or .csv file that you would like to import to the Aryeo Customer Center? It's super simple. Start by opening the Customer Center from the left navigation menu.

At the top of the page you will see an Import/Export Button above the list of customers currently in your customer center (if any have been created yet). Click the Import/Export option to go to the Import page.

Here, you can import a CSV file containing your customer data to automatically upload to your agent center. The recommended way to import a list would be in .csv file format for best results. A template to format the customer list has been provided below.

Customer List Import Template

Note: Please use the template that will automatically be downloaded to your device when you click the hyperlink as shown below.

The customer first name, last name, and email columns are all *required. Company name, profile image url, and all other following columns are optional.

Once the list has been formatted properly, save it as a .csv file and go back to the Aryeo Import page in the Customer Center. Upload the file and select "Begin Import".

If there are any errors in the data, the system will call out the line # making it easy to update and try and again!

Reach out to support if you need help importing your customer list!

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