With our new reporting dashboard you can easily see your past performance and run analysis on your business. The reporting page can be found on the left hand size of your screen in your sidebar. On this page, reporting statistics for top customers by listings and order volume can be found as well as total listings, orders, and sales stats with custom date range filters.

Note: Reports are only viewable by a team's owner

The top section of the reporting page is breakdown of your business as compared to the 30 days prior. Here, reporting information can be viewed by listing volume, orders and sales are up as compared to the 30 days before.

The order volume is based on how much customers have spent and the listing volume is a reflection of the customers listing count. Click into any of the customers to view their details, listings and team members!

Further down the page, there are reports for listings, orders and sales. Each of these reports will represent the volume based on the selected date range. Reports can be viewed as a Bar Chart or Line Chart. The date range of the data being displayed can be updated to show a report for that specific time frame. This can be done by using the drop down to selecting a custom date range, selecting a beginning and end date on the calendar.

The listings section will show you a report of which date a listing was created. Orders will reflect which days orders were placed and the sales section denotes when payments were received/orders were paid for.

Note: The reporting feature is not supported on the free plan.

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