We are excited to introduce a new Referral Program for Aryeo customers 🎉 Easily create and share this code with a friend. When they sign up with your code, both of you will receive bonus listings on top of your current annual total!

To create your own unique referral code, open the Account ⚙️ Settings tab and look for the new "Referral Program" option towards the bottom.

Here you are able to create, update and view activity related to the program. Up to 10 referral codes can be created and used. We'll track who has used your referral codes to sign up.

You will be awarded bonus listings corresponding to the code used to sign up. 5 bonus listings will be awarded to your listing cap and 10 will be added to the referees listing cap when they finish the 14 day free trial.

Note: In order to be eligible for the referral program you must have delivered a minimum of 25 listings.

Referral Program Launch Giveaway Contest

We are running a giveaway contest with the launch of this program. Anyone who refers 5 friends in the next 30 days will be entered to win a $100 B&H Photo Gift Card.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. You must have delivered a minimum of 25 listings.
  2. Referees must start an active subscription, Free Plan signups are not eligible.
  3. The contest will run through March 16th, 2021
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