Aryeo provides Real Estate media groups with a powerful scheduling system built for real estate photography. Scale from one person to thousands while incorporating factors like availability, drive time, service duration and more. The Aryeo Scheduling system allows you to schedule appointments, assign photographers, and fully manage your calendar.

We are commitment to improving the team management abilities of large teams so we've brought your team to be front and center along with some of the other most important configuration options in Aryeo. Let's review!

Team Management

Invite team members to join your group in the Team section located on the left navigation menu.

Service Providers

Many businesses have admin and other roles that are not specific to the Scheduling System. This new setting allows groups to indicate which team members are or are not service providers with a simple toggle.

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Team Member Permissions

Group owners are able to set team member level permissions to access and perform specific tasks providing more granular control for larger teams. Aryeo's robust permissions help manage what team members do and do not have access to.

Sync External Calendars

Each team member is able to sync an external calendar with Aryeo to create a two way sync to easily manage availability and schedule new appointments.

Manage the calendar sync of each of the users part of your group here. This calendar sync is used by the Aryeo scheduling system to determine when this user is available and if they have any blocks or other events that should be accounted for. Once an appointment is booked and assigned to a user, Aryeo will automatically push that event to this calendar as well. Learn how to sync an external calendar here.

Business Availability Hours

Set default working days and schedule for your entire group. These will be applied for all of your group members, though each team member can override these as needed.

Your group's default business hours can be overridden for any individual user. If you need to add to, remove from, or otherwise manage the full list your group's users, jump over to your Availability > Business Hours settings here.

Home Base

The scheduling system calculates distance to appointments so it is important to set home bases for every team member who is available to service orders and appointments. Users in your group typically start their day traveling from home, unless you have an office location. To set a Home Base, start by opening the Availability menu from the left nav bar and select Home Bases. Next, open a team member and enter the address where this person starts and ends their day. Select the address from the dropdown or manually input the home address.


Territories allow you to manage your businesses' service areas by creating geographic territories and assigning photographers. With geo aware routing, teams that span across states and timezones can all use one single branded order form to service clients. Learn how to create Territories here.

Product Providers

Every product built in the Aryeo Storefront contains a Product Provider section that allows you to indicate which members of your team can service this product for new appointments.

Calendar Management

Aryeo's calendar view visualizes where any team member will be on any given time and day. Owners and admins can see the whole weeks schedule with one glance! We provide filterable calendar and list views to toggle between team schedules and serviceable territories.

  • One Calendar to View All Schedules

  • Day, Week, Month, & List Views

  • Filter by Person, Territory, Time, etc.

Calendar system for real estate photography scheduling.
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