Aryeo enables you to build meaningful, lasting relationships with your clients by providing a best in class experience from ordering, scheduling, through content delivery.

Whether you are upgrading software solutions for your business or switching over from another service provider, getting started on any new system can be overwhelming at the start.

7 Simple Steps to Get Started on Aryeo

That's why we've created this easy to follow guide to ensure your business is up and running on Aryeo in no time. Of course, our support team is here to support you every step of the way.

#1. Update Company Branding

Update your groups branding name, logo, website, phone number, accent colors and more within your Account Settings > Group Details.

#2. Sync External Calendar

Sync your external calendar to Aryeo. The integration between your google calendar, for example, provides a two way sync between the calendars for real time scheduling availability for you and your team! Here's How.

#3. Integrate Payment Gateway

Connect Stripe or Square to Aryeo to lock content prior to download and easily accept payments on orders. Integrate your Payment Processor to Aryeo. Head to the Aryeo App Store to connect a payment gateway! Then set default payment settings here.

#4. Add Customers

Import your Customer List (optionally) or create a new client(s) in the Customer Center, here. Learn how to import a customer list to the Aryeo Customer Center, here.

#5. Confirm Sending Email

Users can set their own custom sending name for listing delivery emails. Send an email (or chat) letting us know the email address you would like to setup as your sending email.

Note: we are unable to support gmail & outlook email domains at this time.

#6. Build Product List

The Storefront is the home of your business products and services and makes it easy for your customers to place orders with your business online. Create your products which are all of the different services your business offers to clients. Here's How.

#7. Create Order Form(s)

Aryeo Order Forms makes it super easy for clients to book services with your business online and they are quick and easy to create. Multiple order forms can be created with different product listed to better serve your clients. Get Started & Learn More

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