We recently introduced a Fees section in the Aryeo Storefront that allows you to create and manage any number of fees. These fees can be percentage-based, flat rates, or distance/time-based, and they are assigned to one or more users in your group.

To get started, open the Storefront and look for the Fees section. Select the "Create New Fee" option to create your first fee. You can select Flat Fee allowing you to apply a set value, or you can select a Percentage based fee allowing you to apply a % of an orders total as a fee.

Once you have selected the type of Fee you wish to create you can give it a name, a description, and set the fee price or percent.

Next, select the users you want this fee applied for. Once the fee is assigned to a user, when that user is assigned to an appointment, their corresponding fees will be applied to that order's subtotal.

Select Create Fee and you're good to go! Reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

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