Orders & Appointments Index Page

The Orders & Appointments index page has a column for users to easily view all order information including ID #, Address, Customer, Order Total, Payment Status, Fulfillment Status, and Appointment information.

Searching & Filtering

Searching for an order or filtering the list to see unpaid orders is now easier than ever with our the Advanced search filters option located at the top of the page. Click the "more filters" option at the bottom of the section to expand the search filters.

Search by customer name or address, Order ID #, Fulfillment Status, Payment Status, and more!

The "Appointments" column will show all appointments on the order. Here are the various statuses:

  • Unscheduled - this appointment needs to be scheduled/confirmed

  • Purple Date - this is an upcoming appointment

  • Gray Date - this was a past appointment

Unconfirmed Appointments

Click the Unconfirmed Appts icon at the top of the page you will see a list view of all orders with unconfirmed appointments.

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