We are excited to bring two new layouts to our scheduling Step 3 page - "Datetime Picker" and "Morning/Afternoon/Twilight Picker". Both of these bring a refreshed UI that gives customers a more consistent and user friendly layout. To manage these features, we also now support custom business hours for your business. Here's how to get set up:

Step 1: Choose new layout

To enable these new layouts, click "Edit" on the order form you'd like to update. In the schedule settings you'll be able to change the "Scheduling Form Style" to one of these new options:


For more details about each layout, please see below.

Step 2: Set business hours

A new business hours table has been added to your team details ("Settings" > ""). This enables you to set overall business hours for all appointments going forward. Individual team members can also customize their own hours if they want to work different days.Team Details


Datetime Picker

Have you ever wanted to prevent your customers from requesting shoots on the weekends or outside of your typical business hours? This new calendar layout will do exactly that, and only show customers time slots that you are available at. Confirmation is still required for appointments, but this will help prevent customers from requesting a time that is already booked. The calendar will combine your business hours, team member availability, and product choice to ensure customers see the most optimal times to request.


Morning / Afternoon Picker

If you're looking for an even simpler customer experience, the morning/afternoon picker is a great way to collect general availability from customers. They have the option to select a day and then Morning, Afternoon, and Twilight as a time of day. Confirmation is still required, but this helps cut down on unnecessary back and forth:



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