Sync all your inbound leads from your property websites synced with your Copper CRM.

With the introduction of the Aryeo Copper integration, all the leads collected on your property websites are instantly sent to your Copper leads. With Aryeo's "smart assign" system, we can even assign the correct team member to that incoming lead or you can define who should be handling incoming leads from your Copper team users.

Setting up this integration is very simple, let's get started.

Step 1: App Store

To start, head over to the App Store in your Aryeo account.

Step 2: Connect Your Copper Account

Once you arrive at your app store, click on the Copper integration. Then click "Enable Copper Integration". Once you've done that click "Create Copper Connection". You will then be asked for some details that you can retrieve from your Copper account.

Step 3: Create your Copper API key

To create a connection with Aryeo, you will be asked for an API key as well as the user email. The API key a secret access code that allows Aryeo to connect to your account, and the user email is simply the user who created the API key. Both these pieces of information are used to authenticate the communication between to Aryeo and Copper on your behalf.

To get your API key and user email, head over to your Copper account and then click. Settings, then click Integrations and under that section look for API Keys.

Once you've arrived there, you should see the above screen. You may already have an API key created, but we suggest creating a new one by clicking "Generate API key".

Once you've done that, you should see a new entry that shows your user name and email under Creator, and then the API Key. Under label we suggest adding Aryeo Integration, or something similar to identify that this is what you're using with Aryeo's integration. Copy the API key and head back to your Aryeo account.

Step 4: Ensure Leads are enabled in your Copper account.

One small gotcha, You will need to ensure that Leads are enabled in Copper. With that feature turned off, Aryeo would not be able to successfully sync any leads.

You can check this setting under Settings > Leads > Lead Statuses.

Step 5: Create your Copper Connection with Aryeo.

Once you've gathered the required information, you will need to enter it and connect your Aryeo account. Paste in the API key and the email address shown under "creator" in Copper and click connect. Once this information is entered, for security reasons, it will not be shown again.

Step 6: Configure how Aryeo will sync your leads with Copper.

Once the connection is created you should be taken to the following screen where you can begin to customize how you would like Aryeo to sync your leads. There are three configurations you can updated. Let's look at what each one does.

Smart Assign.

With smart assign turn on, Aryeo will find and match the listing agent in your Copper users. It does this by matching the email addresses. As an example if my agent's email address in Aryeo is [email protected] and the same email address is used for the user account in Copper, their property website leads will automatically assigned to them.

If you'd rather assign a specific user for every inbound lead, you can turn off smart assign. Once you've done that, you should see a dropdown populated with all the users in your Copper account. Simply select whom you'd like to assign and you're set!

Copper Lead source

Next is an optional field called Copper lead source. This setting allows you to attribute where your new inbound lead came from.

From the dropdown select what lead source you'd like to attribute to your inbound leads. We suggest creating an "Aryeo Property Listings" source or something similar.

That's it! Now every verified inbound lead from all your accounts property websites will be sent to Copper! If you have any questions or concerns about the integration please let us know! Enjoy and Happy listing!

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