Customize the information on an order with Custom Items. This is great tool to use if you need to add a custom item to an order, haven't created Products in the Storefront, or to add a discount.

Start by opening the listing. At the bottom, click Add New Section and select the option to add an Order.

Now that an order has been added, we'll need to customize the information on the order. Click View to open the order. Once in the order, you'll see the customers information to the right along with a button to access the public invoice, the address information below, and the ability to scheduled an appointment for this listing.

Select Custom Item to enter in the custom order information. Enter the custom item Name, the price total, and the quantity of items, then Add.

The custom item will be added to the order. From here, you can add additional custom items or go back to view the listing by clicking the View Listing button.

Contact Aryeo support if you need additional help applying custom items to orders!

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