Did you notice that phone number is listed incorrectly on the property websites, or that your logo needs to be updated? It's easy to do!

First, open the Settings option from the menu on the left. It will look like this,

Next, open Personal Details to update information like your name, contact information, phone number, timezone, profile picture and company name! You are also able to open up your team details page and make changes to information that lives here.

If you have an assistant or other members of your team you are able to add them in your settings. Open up your team page (shown below) and hit the purple add team member button. They will get an email to create an Aryeo account.

Now that you have your team members added to your account, head over to your settings notification page. On this page you are able to decide which team members receive notifications when an order is placed, when an appointment is scheduled or rescheduled, and when an appointment is canceled.

The settings page is a useful spot for updating any information you have in Aryeo.

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