With the Aryeo API, setting up your XpressDocs integration couldn't be easier. This integration is handy for admins teams, marketers, or anyone who wants to stay on top of print marketing for their properties on Aryeo.

To start, head over to the App Store in your Aryeo account.

This integration uses a token authenticated endpoint, so you will need to begin by generating a unique token for your Aryeo account. This can be done using the Generate Token button at the bottom of your page.

After generating your token, provide this to the Xpressdocs implementation team along with the instructions below. They'll use this token in the header of a GET request to the Aryeo API to access property details for all of your team's just listed and just sold properties.

Xpressdocs Implementation

Use the token provided by the Aryeo User in the header of a GET request to the Aryeo API:

GET https://www.aryeo.com/api/xpressdocs/listings with the following header:




That's it! Aryeo will automatically format a proper response using the Xpressdocs API spec. Aryeo will pass all of the just listed and just sold properties through for that team or company.

Listing Filtering

You can optionally filter the listings returned by adding filters as query parameters in the GET request. Available filters are:

  • status (string): any of the following Listings' statuses: "Coming Soon", "Sold", or "For Sale". One of this values may be provided to filter only those listings.

  • since (DateTime): DateTime that determines the initial date/time to filter listings created/updated afterwards. This filter comes in handy when results from the last few days, weeks, or months.

Filters can be used together if needed 💪.

For example, if we want to filter November 2020 Sold Listings we can send a GET request like the following:

GET https://www.aryeo.com/api/xpressdocs/listings?status=For Sale&since=2020-07-22 18:05:03


When filtering listings, results are also paginated in pages of 100 results. If your filters return more than 100 listings, you can continue fetching next pages by adding the page query parameter in your request.

GET https://www.aryeo.com/api/xpressdocs/listings?status=For Sale&since=2020-07-22 18:05:03&page=20

The example above will get you page 20 of the filtered results. 👍

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