Interested in building a Flyer for your property listing? With the Flyer Builder feature, it only takes a few simple steps.

Open the listing you wish to create a Flyer. If you do not see a section labeled Flyers, click Add Section and select Flyers in the pop-up menu.

Next, select Create and you will be taken to the Flyer Builder.

Use the options in the sidebar to customize your flyers and add information. Enter the Contact information for your company as well as the images you would like to include. If you have a color used in your logo, enter it into the Primary Color text box and the color will be changed. To see the effect of edits on your design, press the Save button.

Your will be able to download the Flyer in the Download Center. Press Download PDF or Download JPG if you would like to download the flyer to your own computer. Once you are satisfied, press Save & Exit in the top right corner, and your flyer will now be accessible from the listing page.

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