While Aryeo's integration with Stripe allows for simple online payment, some customers prefer to use alternative methods. No worries! It takes just a few simple steps to record your alternative payment method in our system.

Start by heading to the Order page for the Order you would like to mark as paid.

Under the Order Items heading, press the Order Settings button.

Here, there are a few options to choose from. If you know that you will not be using Aryeo as your payment system for your orders, simply change the setting under the Payment System Option.

If you would like to simply record alternative payment for this specific order, change the Payment Status option from Unpaid to Paid. This will trigger the Payment Method option to pop up. Choose the method of payment that your customer used, and then press Save Changes to record the payment in our system. Whether they paid you in the physical form of cash or check or through another online service such as Venmo or Paypal, we will record the completion of the order in our system!

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