In this guide, we'll walk through a general overview of the Order Forms feature and how it will appear to your customers.

Start by heading to the Storefront tab on your dashboard. This tab is home base for all your orders, appointments, and products. Displayed in the top bar is your number of listings, orders, and total sales so you can access these metrics at any time.

To enter the Order Form editor, press the Make Order Form button.

Let's start by exploring the features available on this home page.

Once you enter the Editor, you will see a sample view of your Order Form that we have auto-generated from your Account Settings. We'll cover how to change this in another guide.

Above your Order Form, there are sizing options for viewing. Toggle between these to see the appearance of your order form on different devices, such as mobile or desktop. Press the View Form option to see your form in a new tab at any time.

Customer View

Aryeo order forms are divided into five simple steps that are available to view and edit in the sidebar. This ensures that you will receive all necessary customer information every time. Let's go through them!

First, your customer will enter in the address of the property. We will autogenerate address details, but they always have the option to enter their information by hand.

Next, they will choose their necessary services from your Product list. Customers will have the option to add Add-Ons at this point and specify the number of items.

The third step is for customers to schedule their services. They can enter specific days and times that work best for them, or simply press to schedule as soon as possible. This feature allows you to manage all your services through our system so you can better organize your schedule.

Next, they will enter their contact information so they can access your content through their Aryeo account.

Last, the customer will confirm their order and this information will be sent to your Orders tab. If they need to change any details after submitting. you will be able to edit this in the Order menu at a later point.

We hope this guide gave you a good overview of the Order Form feature! Check out this guide to customize your form from our general template.

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